Science ECUSA & Cervantes: Personalized Medicine: Redefining Cancer Treatment and Modeling  (Dr. Pilar de la Puente)

Join us on Wednesday, February 10th at 12:30 pm CT to listen to Dr. Pilar de la Puente, Assistant Professor at University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine and principal investigator at Sanford Research,on her work in tissue microenvironment replication to empower biological research, drug discovery and personalized medicine in health and disease. Scientific journalist Verónica Fuentes will guide us through the interview to Dr. Pilar de la Puente.

Despite significant improvements in research and development in the cancer field, about 95% of oncology drugs in clinical trials fail to receive Food and Drug Administration approval. The tumor microenvironment (TME) is increasingly recognized as a major regulator of tumor progression, drug resistance, and cancer immune escape. Compelling evidence suggests that three-dimensional (3D) cell-based assays can better resemble cellular and physical features manifested in tumors while cutting time, animal use, and cost. Their goal is to provide a human surrogate model that could support the prediction of drug efficacy, thereby saving the patient from trial and error treatments, and ultimately serve as a guide for the selection of patient-targeted drug therapies.

The event will be conducted in Spanish. Please, register on the link below to reserve your spot.
We hope to see you there!