Postdoctoral position (De la Puente Lab)

Institution: Sanford Research / University of South Dakota
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Published: March 4th, 2022.
Deadline: May 1st, 2022.
Brief Description: Postdoctoral position in the De la Puente Lab in the Cancer Biology and Immunotherapies Group is available at Sanford Research, Sioux Falls, SD. Interested candidate is expected to have recently obtained PhD and a strong track record of publications in Cancer and/or Immunology. ( The main job duty is to perform research to understand the role of tumor microenvironment components (extracellular matrix, stroma, and signaling) in cancer immune evasion so as to identify novel therapeutic targets by using patient-derived 3D cultures (Funding already secured). The translational research project leverages multi-disciplinary approach in cancer biology, immunology, biomedical engineering/tissue engineering, OMICs, and high-throughput in vitro patient-derived models to probe complex biological processes and to pursue new therapeutic opportunities for ovarian cancer.

De La Puente Lab

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