Personal Leadership Development

ECUSA – FAES – PERSONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Apply for the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES) Personal Leadership Development course!

Developing effective leadership capabilities is critical to the success of individuals at all levels of an organization. This virtual 7 week, 2 CEU credits course is designed to grow students’ understanding and knowledge of their own leadership skills and potential. Students will learn about the traits, qualities, and styles of effective leaders. They will evaluate and define their own leadership and gain insights on effective communication as leaders. The course also provides students with experiential learning on how personal leadership development influences their capacity to (1) lead and work in teams, (2) drive change in organizations, and (3) embody leadership as a way of being in the world.


Date: March, 29th 2023 – May, 16th 2023

Info: – Sara Bandres