Who are we?

The Midwest is a 12-state region (North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin) located in the central United States. With an economy traditionally based on agriculture (mainly corn and soybeans) and livestock, it is also one of the economic references in the world (Chicago), and in recent years it has become a place for Research and Development.

The Midwest is home to internationally renowned universities such as the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois and Northwesten University (in Illinois), Indiana University, the University of Minnesota, the University of Missouri, Ohio State University and the University of Wisconsin among others. The Midwest is also home to leading research centers such as the Mayo Clinic (Minnesota), the Midwest Stell Cell Therapy Center (Kansas), Argonne National Laboratory (Illinois) and the Midwest Clinical Research Center (Missouri). This region is also home to the well-known Silicon Prairie, where in recent years important companies dedicated to the development of computer supports such as EPIC (Wisconsin), Packet Digital or Microsoft (North Dakota) have settled. Due to the size of this region, one of the main goals of ECUSA-Midwest is the creation of a network of Spanish scientists in the Midwest that facilitates interaction and makes their work more visible.

Keep growing ans sharing experiences with us!

What do we do?

We organize events and promote networking between ECUSA members. We look forward to seeing you at all of our events, which will be posted on this Midwest Chapter page and on ECUSA’s social media accounts.

Chapter Board

Araceli Valverde


Dr. Valverde holds a degree in Biology from the University of Cordoba. She earned her doctorate in Molecular Biology from IMIBIC, Cordoba. During her PhD work she studied the analysis of the crucial signaling pathways in cancer and how its alterations in gene expression contribute to develop this disease. During my post-doctoral training, research has been focused on the characterization of cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying periodontitis. Furthermore, we characterized the role of cellular and viral miRNA function in immune responses and host-pathogen interaction in Periodontal Disease (PD) using “in vivo” and “in vitro” PD models. My current research is based on testing two-pronged therapeutic strategy to restore the alveolar bone homeostasis in periodontal disease.
Araceli joined ECUSA_Midwest Chapter in 2020. She is the current president of Midwest Chapter.


Irene Mena Palomo


Irene is a graduate research associate at The Ohio State University. She is a biologist from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Master’s degree in Cell Biology and Genetics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He won an international scholarship where he had the opportunity to work at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. His thesis is currently focused on the role of viral dUTPases in neurodegenerative diseases. As a member of ECUSA, Irene collaborates in the E-visibility program.


Victor Romero Gomez


Victor holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). Subsequently, he studied a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Transportation at UC3M and later began his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Organization at the same University. He is currently working as a Visiting Instructor at Purdue University Northwest teaching and coordinating a total of 5 courses: Engineering Drafting 1 and 2 (AutoCAD and SolidWorks), Dynamics of Physical Systems, Experimentation in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. At the same time, he continues his doctoral research in Vehicle Dynamics at his home university.




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