Fit in!

The adaptation and integration of scientists or science professionals to the host country, in this case the United States, is a fundamental pillar for a successful personal and professional development. For this purpose we have created the Advisory department, whose main goal is to provide information about how the job market and the american society works with the aim of helping in the first push that allows young Spanish professionals who have recently arrived to face this challenge with optimism and confidence. In this sense, we developed the “Welcome package”, a document created by ECUSA based on the experiences of doctoral and post-doctoral students, professors, scientists and other professionals living in the USA. This dynamic document aims to respond and adapt to the emerging needs of Spanish scientists and technology professionals currently living in the United States or thinking about coming, as well as to make their networking easier.

Keep growing ans sharing experiences with us!

Advisory Program, Commission for Career Development and Advisory (CDA) with support from the youth program of the Spanish Office of Employment and Social Security.