High Performance and Scientific Computing Engineer – ICN2 – March 2023

Institution: Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2)
Contact e-mail: Katherine Ana Palomino Carrillo (hr@icn2.cat)
Published: 3/7/2023
Deadline: 3/31/2023
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Brief Description:
We seek for a computing engineer with demonstrated experience in the installation and management of High-Performance Computing infrastructures, specialized in scientific computing. The successful candidate will engage with the IT department of ICN2, and with the research groups that use scientific computing as a tool in their research, to set up and run the computational facilities of the centre. Tasks and responsibilities will also include the installation and maintenance of scientific libraries, queuing systems, storage infrastructures, hardware, network communication and all other necessary actions for a smooth and efficient performance of the HPC facilities.

A high capacity to understand and cover the needs of the scientific groups that use the HPC facilities is key for this position. In this respect, although scientific programming is not among the tasks of the position, successful candidates must be able to interact with the researchers developing the scientific software, and thus must have sufficient knowledge of scientific programming languages and tools (Fortran, parallelization, I/O, numerical methods, etc). Knowledge of usage of modern heterogeneous architectures (including GPUs) is also a must.