What is Fostering Docs?

FOSTERING DOCS stimulate the professional development of young researchers by connecting them with Spanish mentors inside and outside academia. The program encourages the professional development of Spanish scientists through the knowledge and experience of the mentor.

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The 2nd Edition of Fostering Docs

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18 mentees, postdocs in United states, and 18 mentors, professionals in academic institutions such as the CNIO or Harvard Medical School, technology companies such as Thermo Fisher or RetroVirox and government agencies such as the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) or the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you are a Postdoc in the United States, and you want to make a professional shift, Fostering Docs wants to help you achieve it. Sign up for our mentoring program for the next year edition!

The program

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FOSTERING DOCS connects young Spanish postdoctoral researchers in the United States with mentors who will support them to take a leap forward in their professional career. Mentors are professionals working in public research, industry, services, science culture and science policy who contribute with their expertise on a voluntary basis.

After your postdoc, having a mentor can open doors and give you advantages that set you apart from the rest. At Fostering Docs, we will put you in touch with mentors who were in your same situation one day and successfully reinvented their careers so you can do the same.

The goal

The goal of the program is to provide ECUSA members with mentoring by professionals who will deliver the necessary knowledge (resume, additional training courses, interviews, work routine, etc.) so the mentee is prepared to take the next professional step. The mentee will be in contact with the mentor at least once a month for six months.

The program will allow to explore different career options and future career paths through individualized advice, in addition to developing a network that facilitates going back to Spain.

Fostering Docs is a free program for all full members.

The Fostering Docs team at ECUSA works as volunteers on this project.

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In collaboration with:

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, FECYT, is a state public sector foundation that depends on the Department of Economy. Created in 2001, the foundation has established itself as the main agent of the dissemination of science in Spain. FECYT has among its goals to increase the scientific, technological and innovative values of Spanish society, as well as to increase the dissemination of the results of scientific-technical research and innovation financed with public funds.

The Immigration and Emigration Office is the part of the Department of Employment and Social Security that develops the migration policy of the Government of Spain. It promotes international relocation, the strengthening of the connection with Spain of Spaniards living abroad and guides their return to Spain.

Lincoln Leadership Advisors (LLA) is specialized in talent management and leadership. Based in Houston (USA), it operates internationally, managing the execution of projects for public and private companies in various sectors and countries. LLA has more than 25 years of experience with high rate of customer loyalty, guaranteeing the quality and professionalism in the execution of their services.