Education and Public Outreach

The Education and Public Outreach commission’s goal is to bring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to kids in a fun, practical and integrated way in order to encourage their need to know about the STEM education and make easier their learning experiences. To do that, thorough our program ‘ECUSA in the Schools’, we (1) put together science fairs, workshops and talks, and (2) roll out educational projects and programs in schools and community centers across the United States, both in English and Spanish taught by scientists from Spain. In addition, at EPO we are aware of the educational gap in the United States, and we firmly believe in the social responsibility of taking those same workshops and programs free for girls, boys and teenagers in racialized and / or economically disadvantaged contexts such as a priority axis of action in reducing inequality of educational opportunities.
Contact: epo@ecusa.es

EPO Team

Cristina Sastre

Cristina Sastre Reyero

Co-Chair EPO

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ECUSA Teaches

How to make volcanoes with lemons

Sweet Rainbow

What’s the pH?

How to make a lava lamp?

Why plant leaves change color?

How to make plastic out of milk

Naked eggs

How to make elephant toothpaste

How to make visible the invisible

What are we made of?