ECUSA Seed & Soil: Cancer Research – Session 4

ECUSA, in collaboration with FERO, ASEICA and AECC has created the “Seed and Soil” talks in cancer research. The objective is to create a network between young researchers in the US with already established researchers in Spain. Following the idea of the seed and soil, we are looking for junior scientists -Seed- in the area of cancer interested in a return to Spain and talk about their projects and perspectives.

We’ve paired up a wonderful selection of speakers that will talk about their research, their career paths, and career advice! In each session, you will meet a Ph.D. candidate with a short talk, a «Seed» scientist that will present their project, and «Soils» principal investigators in the same topic or region. We will have a panel and closing remarks to discuss how is it to start your own group in Spain in Cancer.

4th session June 17th 10am-12pm EST/4-6pm Spain
Laura Lorenzo, IBIDELL, Barcelona
Dr. María Casanova-Acebes, CNIO Spain
Dr. Alena Gross, VHIO Spain
Dr. Toni Celià-Terrassa, IMIM Barcelona