ECUSA Celebrates International Women’s Day

ECUSA (Spanish Scientists in the USA) proudly celebrates International Women’s Day
on March 8 th , alongside commemorating our 10 th year anniversary yesterday. We
reaffirm our commitment to advancing gender equality in science and society.

To mark this occasion, ECUSA supports, and will continue to support women through
different events, initiatives, and programs. Through these activities, we aim to inspire
and engage our community in conversations about gender equality. Visit our website at:

Join us in celebrating women’s achievements and promoting a more inclusive world!

For more information, visit our website or contact us at:

About ECUSA:
ECUSA is a non-profit organization for science and technology professionals that have a relationship
with Spain. With a cross-disciplinary approach, it was conceived by volunteers in 2014 with the goal
of promote and spread the roles of science, technology and the people involved.

ECUSA also aims to educate, inspire, and train new scientists’ generations and researchers and
also create network to promote their career opportunities, to help with relocation and integration in
the local communities.

Our mission and values include to promote and disseminate the role of science, technology and its
professionals in the USA; to contribute to the knowledge of science by means of scientific and
technological outreach actives; and to help Spanish scientists in their personal and professional
development in the USA.