Ellas Emprenden – Women Entrepreneurs

Join our networking event in Boston for a great opportunity to discuss the path to success in entrepreneurship! 

Organized by MECUSA, the gender equity committee within ECUSA.

A 1-hour roundtable with 3 guest speakers involved in entrepreneurship, followed by a networking session with complimentary snacks and drinks. We will talk about transferring innovations from academia to industry, founding your own company and leading biotech companies that develop cutting-edge technologies. 

Do not miss the opportunity to learn from and connect with other entrepreneurs!

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Meet our speakers:

Alba Chacon Cabrera is a Senior Manager in the Business Development and Licensing team at the Innovation Office of Mass General Brigham in Boston. Dr. Chacon completed her PhD at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and trained as a postdoctoral fellow at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Dr. Chacon has worked in the Innovation Office of Mass General Brigham since 2018, where she helps academic researchers transfer their innovations to industry.

Samantha Johnson is the Founder of Tatum Robotics. She obtained her Bioengineering bachelor’s and master’s at Northeastern University. After completing her master’s thesis creating a fingerspelling robotic arm to aid in communication for the DeafBlind community, she founded Tatum Robotics, where she is now pursuing her passion for accessibility by continuing development on this assistive technology. Tatum Robotics aims to offer people with deafblindness, a historically underserved community, their first independent communication tool. 

Laura Sepp-Lorenzino is the Chief Scientific Officer at Intellia Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Sepp-Lorenzino obtained a PhD in Biochemistry from the New York University and worked at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center before starting her career in industry. Dr. Sepp-Lorenzino counts with extensive experience in several pharmaceutical companies, including Merck, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. She joined Intellia Therapeutics in 2019, and has since then enabled the advancement of gene editing therapies, including the first-in-human trial of liver-directed  in vivo gene editing therapies.  

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Spanish Entrepreneurship showcase: Viva In Vitro

In this event we are going to learn about Viva In Vitro Diagnostics, a Spanish company that aims to curb sepsis mortality with early diagnosis through highly accurate tests. This is the first of a series of monthly events organized by ECUSA Forward with the goal of creating a community of Spanish scientists entrepreneurs in USA. In these events we will hear from Spanish and international entrepreneurs how they managed to found their companies in Spain and/or the US. The networking part of the events will also allow attendants to talk to the speakers and to the rest of the ECUSA Forward community.

Date: November 28th, 2022.
Time: 5:30 PM EST
Location: Real Colegio Complutense (https://rcc.harvard.edu/)
Registration: Eventbrite
Contact: ecusaforward@ecusa.es
ECUSA Forward Capitulo Boston

ECUSA & Friends – November 2022

Join us in this international networking event to disconnect after a busy day and meet new contacts and friends in the Boston area.

Date: November 30th, 2022.
Location: Lamplighter Brewing Co. 110 N First St, Cambridge, MA
Registration: Eventbrite
Contact: boston@ecusa.es

Science ECUSA & Cervantes: Cell Surface SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid Protein Modulates Innate and Adaptive Host Immunity

En la charla del miércoles 9 de noviembre a las 6 pm hablaremos de algunos de los aspectos biológicos del virus SARS-CoV-2 que continuan siendo inciertos de la mano del Dr. Alberto López Muñoz, Presidente de ECUSA en Washington DC.

El Dr. López Muñoz es un virólogo molecular cuyo principal interés se encuentra en entender cómo los virus pueden imitar y modular el sistema inmune humano. Actualmente trabaja como post-doctorando en Laboratorio de Enfermedades Virales dentro del NIAID (National Institute of Health, NIH), investigando roles alternativos de las proteínas de los coronavirus humanos en la inmunomodulación del huésped.

Su deseo de mejorar la visibilidad de los científicos españoles e interconectar las comunidades científicas española y americana le han motivado a liderar el capítulo ECUSA Washington DC y participar en el programa E-Visibility. RSVP required. ¡Os esperamos! ECUSA Midwest


Contacto: midwest@ecusa.es

¡Os esperamos!

The next pandemic: challenges for global health and well-being

The “Seminar series for a more sustainable future” by ECUSA Washington DC launches with an event that will address the challenges and threats that infectious diseases currently pose for the human species.

The infectious diseases challenges that have emerged in the last two decades evidence the critical need for a coordinated and worldwide response to guarantee sustainable global health and well-being. This seminar brings together Spanish and American top-of-the-line scientific expertise to better understand these challenges and how to face them in the coming decades.

Date and time
November 17th, 2022.
6:30 PM EST.

Contact and information: dc@ecusa.es

Primer Encuentro NEXT-ECUSA

ECUSA en colaboración con el Gobierno de Navarra y NEXT (Ciudadanía Navarra en el Exterior) presentan el primer encuentro entre las dos asociaciones para conocer e informarse de las políticas de atracción de talento que oferta la Comunidad Foral de Navarra.

Importante: El evento está destinado a todos los miembros de cualquier comunidad autónoma.

Contenidos del evento:

  • Programa internacional WIT: es un programa de Doctorado Internacional para la atracción de talento a Navarra. Ofrece 16 contratos predoctorales para desarrollar proyectos de investigación individuales en las áreas estratégicas de Navarra: Salud, Automoción-Mecatrónica, Fabricación Avanzada y Energía, con la Inteligencia Artificial como cuarta área transversal.
  • Convocatoria Andia: está diseñada para facilitar la contratación de investigadores e investigadoras con trayectoria internacional y de excelencia a las universidades y centros de investigación. Entre otros requisitos, se exigirá una experiencia contrastada en publicaciones científicas internacionales así como estancias en centros internacionales.
  • Navarra Talent: Programa que busca talentos residentes en los países objetivo del Plan Internacional de Navarra, susceptibles de cubrir puestos de trabajo concretos que se puedan ofertar en la comunidad foral en empresas y centros tecnológicos. Los países objetivo son: Alemania, China, EE.UU., Francia, India, Italia, México y Reino Unido

    Fecha: 22 de NOVIEMBRE
    Hora: 12:30 PM EST
    Registro en el siguiente enlace
    Contacto: contacto@ecusa.es

Discover with ECUSA: Visit to Harvard Alpaca Ranch

The event will offer a private tour to the farm and a learning experience about alpaca husbandry, why alpaca fiber is called the “Fiber of the Gods”, and how we use these beautiful and peaceful creatures for alpaca-assisted therapeutic activities. Moreover, the tour offers:

1. Exclusive visitation of the Ranch on the day of the event

2. Interactions and personal visits with two or more alpacas (on halter and lead), including walking through the pasture, under supervision of staff.

3. A covered area with tables and chairs for food/relaxation

4. Access to the Alpaca Shop for souvenirs from the Ranch

Date and time
Sat, October 29, 2022, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM ED

Registration in Eventbrite

WELCUSA Washington DC 2022

ECUSA Washington DC Academic Year 22-23 Opening!

This is part of the networking event series 2022 that ECUSA (Spanish Scientists in the USA) in Washington DC organizes to bring together the American and Hispanic Scientific communities (and friends).

You don’t need to speak Spanish!!!

We can’t wait to meet you all there!!!

Food/drinks will be provided EXCLUSIVELY to FULL ECUSA members eventbrite-registered for this event (showing proof of Full membership), up to 35 servings (On a first-come, first-served basis).
Date: October 15th, 12PM

Science ECUSA & Cervantes

¡Volvemos con las charlas de ciencia en el Instituto Cervantes!
Después de más de dos años, retomamos las charlas sobre diversos temas científicos en nuestro querido Instituto Cervantes de Chicago.

En la charla del jueves 13 de octubre a las 6 pm hablaremos sobre Alzheimer de la mano del Dr. Marsel Mesulam. También tendremos la oportunidad de conmemorar el mes de la herencia hispánica. Y, por supuesto, al final disfrutaremos de una recepción cortesía del Instituto Cervantes.

RSVP required before October 10, 2022.

Contacto: midwest@ecusa.es

¡Os esperamos!