Expand your network

Expand your connections and transform your environment into a community! We are much more than fellow scientists!

Develop your career

We help you develop your soft skills so that you can combine them with a wide network of contacts. Become a member and take the leap!

Accelerate your integration in the USA

We’ll give you the tools and advice you need to make your integration in the United States quick and easy.

Bylaws and Annual Reports

Get to know the guidelines by which ECUSA is ruled since its foundation through its statutes. We also publish our activities of the last year in our annual report, where you can learn all about what we do.

Full Members

This category is open to all Science and Technology professionals. Applicants must demonstrate substantial contributions to science in the fields of management, education, or innovation or two years of experience in independent research activities that have resulted in the publication of articles in professional peer-reviewed journals in any area of science or technology. . Patent ownership can be used as a substitute for publications in “peer-reviewed” journals. Full members may vote in ECUSA elections and may serve on boards.


  • Attend ECUSA Events
  • Receive the ECUSA Newsletter
  • Give interviews and visibility to your work with E-visibility
  • Post your research in News &Views, Social Media, etc.
  • Access the Fostering DocsMentoring Program
  • Go to professional development courses and seminars
  • Access our directory of experts and online job offers
  • Possibility to join ECUSA’s Board of Directors
  • Possibility of co-leading ECUSA commitees, chapters and programs.
  • Attend and vote at ECUSA polls and elections
  • Special events free of charge

Associated Member

This category is open to those who wish to promote the ECUSA values, but who are not necessarily professionals in Science and Technology. Apply to this category if you are a student/professional who is in the process of meeting the requirements of a full member. Associate members can be part of working groups.


  • Attend ECUSA Events
  • Receive the ECUSA Newsletter

Collaborate with us

ECUSA is a non-profit organization in which dozens of professionals dedicate their time on a voluntary basis to connect and help the community of Spanish science and technology professionals in the USA and also the new generations.

With your donation you will be contributing to the organization of outreach and science education programs such as conferences, workshops and events that aim to increase the social awareness of science, technology and research.