¿Sabes que a partir de ahora vas a poder ayudar a ECUSA simplemente comprando a través de Amazon? Lo único que tienes que hacer es lo siguiente:
1- Elige a ECUSA como tu "charitable organization" en este enlace: https://smile.amazon.com/. Si ya apoyabas a una organización, puedes cambiarla.
2- Utiliza siempre https://smile.amazon.com/ cada vez que compres en amazon o instala una extensión en tu navegador para recordarlo http://www.smilealways.io/
3 - Sé feliz porque has apoyado a científicos y tecnológos españoles en EE.UU.

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This category is open to all professionals of Science and Technology. Applicants will have to demonstrate substantial contributions to Science in administrative, educational outreach or innovation fields or two years experience of independent research activity that resulted in the publication of articles in professional journals with systems of "peer -review" in any area of Science or Technology. Evidence of holding a patent can be used as a substitute for publications in journals with "peer review".  Full members can vote in ECUSA elections and can serve in the boards.

Associated Member

This category is open those individuals who would like to promote the objectives of ECUSA, but are not necessarily professionals of Science and Technology. Apply to this category if you are a student/professional who is in the process of meeting the requirements of a full member. Associated members can be part of working groups.

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Renew your annual membership. This category only applies to member who are already Full Members.