ECUSA's mission is to promote the role of science, technology and their professionals in our society. ECUSA aims to spread and exhibit the high impact work developed by the community of Spanish professionals of science and technology in the US, expand their career opportunities, mobility and integration into local communities. ECUSA also aims to educate, inspire and train new generations of scientists and innovators.

To fulfill we have set the following objectives:

  • Establishing a network for scientists in the USA to facilitate the integration of newcomers, the exchange of ideas and experiences, the interaction between disciplines and with related professional areas, including public and private sector.

  • Increasing the social awareness of science and technology and research and development, by organizing activities and events that bring together scientists and the general community.

  • Creating a formal body for scientists that can serve as point of contact  for Spanish and American public and private institutions, as well as social and mass media, seeking advice or information on science, technology and research and development themes.

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